Cellfield in Acton 

Luke* Age: 9 years

Luke is in year 4 Primary School in Sydney's southern suburbs.

His problems with reading were really holding back his progress at school. Even in the subject he was best at, maths, he was failing exams because he couldn’t read the questions properly.

Luke had great difficulty reading single words out of context, decoding unfamiliar words, and his reading comprehension was poor.

His father John said Luke was becoming increasingly frustrated and his self-esteem was suffering. “He called himself stupid and refused to do any homework”, his dad said.“The school gave him remedial reading lessons, but I could see he needed more help.”

John says he can see improvement in his son’s reading ability and willingness to learn.

“Luke is a fairly competitive boy, and he was proud of how well he did on the Cellfield Program. Cellfield has made a real difference to his reading abililty, giving him the confidence and the techniques he needed to learn to read.”

Immediately after the program Luke’s ability to read single words in context jumped a whole grade, his ability to decode words jumped up half a grade and his ability to comprehend passages improved more than a grade.

It is expected Luke’s reading skills will continue to improve over time as single word decoding becomes more automatic and reading fluency develops.


Nick* Age: 11 years & Sophie* Age:12 years

Nick, from Sydney's west, has a number of developmental problems including Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD and Dyslexia.  His IQ is within the normal range but he has always struggled with school work especially reading.

His sister, Sophie, though not Dyslexic, was also a poor reader, so their parents decided to enrol them both in the Cellfield Program.

After completing the Cellfield Program Nick gained 1 grade in single word reading and word decoding and improved his passage comprehension skills by six months. Although he is battling a number of developmental problems Nick’s mother says she could see improvement after Cellfield.

“Something clicked with Cellfield.   The initial improvements weren’t that great but his reading continued to improve over the next six months, which is apparently quite common. I was just talking to one of his teachers and she commented on how much his reading has improved. He is battling a lot of problems but I have noticed as a result of Cellfield he is a happier child. He became more confident knowing he could read better in class,” Michelle said

Nick’s sister Sophie always struggled with her reading and avoided doing homework. She enrolled in the program the same time as her brother and her improvements were outstanding.  Her single word reading and passage comprehension skills jumped almost 2 grades and her word decoding and oral reading proficiency skills increased by more than 3 years.

“Sophie was really proud of her Cellfield results. She achieved one of the highest scores they had seen,” her mother said.

“She is happier at school now, and doesn’t mind reading the books set for homework.  The teachers tell me that Cellfield has also improved her maths results because now she can read and understand all the questions,” Michelle said.


Karen* Age: 23 years

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia when I was 21, in the year 2000. I was always a slow learner and often transposed my letters and numbers. Recalling information was difficult and maths was always a nightmare.

I attended my first assessment by a psychologist at age 23. She was amused by the fact that I had learnt to cope so well over the years getting around the problem. She said that I was a well adjusted and confident young woman and that no-one would ever know I was Dyslexic. She found that I had auditory, visual and short term memory problems. She also found that my Dyslexia was quite severe.

After finishing the Cellfield Program and seeing the psychologist again, I had come a long way in a short period of time. Most of the problems associated with my dyslexia had improved. I still have to work on my short term memory and auditory analysis skills – I seem to miss the middle parts of words when reading them.

After completing the Cellfield Program I have become a more confident person with everything I do.

* Names changed for privacy reasons