Cellfield Program

Cellfield intervention is a computer based program available at Lindfield Speech Pathology and Learning Centre. A course of 10 hour-long sesions is conducted over a two week period under the direct supervision of a Cellfield trained professional. The average results after completion of the program show gains of between one and two years in reading age.

A detailed assessment is required to confirm that your chiild is likely to respond positively to the Cellfield treatment.  Prior assessment also includes an unique eye examination. This establishes a baseline from which improvements can be measured and directions for support determined.

Cellfield Intervention can help children and adults with problems that include:

  • Poor reading, spelling and writing skills
  • Low phonological awareness and decoding skills
  • Poor comprehension
  • Difficulties with grammar and syntax
  • Concentration and attention problems
  • Difficulty in verbal expression
  • Suspected eye tracking problems 
  • Poor retention of reading matter 
  • Discomfort when reading
  • Tiredness induced by reading 
  • Frequent place loss when reading 
  • Poor fluency and comprehension

About the Cellfield Intervention program

The patented Cellfield language based computer program is designed to develop phonological awareness and the ability to decode. Acoustically modified sound assist auditory perception. Aural representation of words are broken down into sound units and accompanied by visual representations.

Innovative moving screens stimulate the visual areas of the brain. Research shows this area is often defective in people with reading difficulties. Moving screens are designed to induce exceptional attention.

Eye-hand coordination and motor inputs are required throughout all sessions.

High levels of attention are required for the simultaneous visual and language sessions.

The complexity and quantity of information processed in working memory increase with each session. 

Contact us for more information or visit www.cellfield.com.