Computer Programs

At Lindfield Speech Pathology and Learning Centre we use various software programs in conjunction with individual therapy to further develop a child's skills. These computer programs are delivered via our related company LearnFast Australia - Improving student learning capacity with neuroscience programs since 1999.


Cellfield is a language based intervention which uses visual exercises to stimulate visual attention, visual processing and working memory, as well as acoustically modified sound to assist auditory perception.  It aims to strengthen auditory and visual skills associated with reading.

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is a proven reading and learning intervention that applies neuroscience principles of brain plasticity to help children, adolescents and adults achieve their full potential.  It improves memory, attention and ability to follow instructions plus language and reading skills including phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.

Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant is a computer based reading program that is designed to improve a student's reading ability.  Every educator knows that students benefit from extra reading practice, especially when it is combined with immediate feedback and support from a teacher.  With Reading Assistant students receive individualised reading coaching every time they use the software, making the most of each instructional minute.


Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based, computerised training program designed by leading neuroscientists to improve attention, concentration, focus, impulse control, social skills and complex reasoning skills by substantially and lastingly improving working memory capacity.  Cogmed users range from young children to senior adults.