Dyslexia is a type of specific learning difficulty in which the person has difficulties with language and words.  The most common characteristic is that people have difficulty reading and spelling for no apparent reason. The person may be intelligent, able to achieve well in other areas and exposed to the same education as others, but is unable to read at the expected level. Common problem areas include spelling, comprehension, reading and identification of words. 


Signs in preschoolers

Some of the symptoms of dyslexia or SLD in a preschooler could include:

  • Delayed speech
  • Problems with pronunciation
  • Problems with rhyming words and learning rhymes
  • Difficulty with learning shapes, colours and how to write their own name
  • Difficulty with retelling a story in the right order of events.

Signs in primary school children

Some of the symptoms in a primary school age child could include:

  • Problems with reading a single word
  • Regularly confuses certain letters when writing, such as ‘d’ and ‘b’ or ‘m’ and ‘w’
  • Regularly writes words backwards, such as writing ‘pit’ when the word ‘tip’ was intended
  • Problems with grammar, such as learning prefixes or suffixes
  • Tries to avoid reading aloud in class
  • Doesn’t like reading books
  • Reads below their expected level.

Signs in high school children

Some of the symptoms in a high school student could include:

  • Poor reading
  • Bad spelling, including different misspellings of the same word in one writing assignment
  • Difficulties with writing summaries
  • Problems with learning a foreign language
  • Reading and spelling problems
  • Doesn’t like reading books
  • Avoids tasks that involve writing, or else gets someone else to do the writing for them
  • Better than average memory
  • Often, a greater than average spatial ability - the person may be talented in art, design, mathematics or engineering.

Lindfield Speech Pathology and Learning Centre is licensed to use the Cellfield program, an intensive computer based reading treatment for clients with Dyslexia.  Learn more about Cellfield.

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