More than 20 years of literacy research prove that phonological awareness is the best predicator of success in reading.  Research also shows that this ability to identify and manipulate sounds can be developed through systematic instruction.

The award-winning Earobics software applies this research by teaching the critical phonological awareness, auditory processing and introductory phonics skills required for learning to read and spell.  

Earobics is used by teachers, reading specialists and speech pathologists in over 50 countries.  

Earobics features sophisticated adaptive technology, which automatically adjusts instruction to your child’s skill level and progress.  The home version of the software also includes beginning, intermediate and advanced starting levels for each game and a progress chart for tracking skill improvements. 

Three program levels of Earobics:
Earobics Step 1 (for preschool and infants school children)
Earobics Step 2 (for primary school students)
Earobics 1 for Adolescents and Adults (for ages 15 and over)



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To order Earobics CD-ROMs ($130 each) please contact us.  Please note Lindfield Speech Pathology has limited stock of Earobics at present.