Numeracy Intervention

Katrina Sheraton-Yu (BA Dip Ed. BA Psychology (Hons) Assoc MAPS), is a registered psychologist and experienced teacher. Katrina specialises in the assessment and management of learning difficulties, with a special interest in Mathematics. Katrina offers comprehensive numeracy assessments and Mathematics remediation programs.

A comprehensive numeracy assessment is used to discover how a student understands and uses numbers and Maths to solve everyday and more complex problems. This process will identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying specific cognitive processes and mathematical skills the child is experiencing difficulty with. A detailed report will provide recommendations for a remediation program as well as outline strategies for teachers and parents to help the student learn Maths more effectively.

Remediation programs address a range of difficulties including;

  • using mathematical concepts in language
  • manipulating concrete materials
  • reading mathematical symbols such as numerals
  • writing mathematical symbols
  • understanding maths ideas and relationships
  • performing specified mathematical operations
  • recalling number facts. 

Katrina also has an interest in a how a child’s self esteem, attitudes to learning and emotional well being can affect their achievement and behaviour at school and home. Therefore in addition to addressing the academic skills and cognitive processes in her remediation programs, Katrina draws on a range of psychological therapies to improve a child’s self-esteem and motivation to learn.

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