Presentation by Devon Barnes

Devon Barnes is available to present the following topics

Hearing & Auditory Processing

The physiology of hearing, assessment & remediation, the differences between CAPD, ADHD & SLI, implications for learning

Auditory Processing and Language Difficulties

Auditory processing explained, it’s impact on language acquisition, and learning 

Identifying & Treating Language, Learning and Reading Difficulties

Concepts, components of language
The link between reading and language
Identification, assessment & treatment

The Missing Link between Reading & Comprehension

Why my student can read but not understand

Talking with Letters

The relationship between oral and written language

Training the Brain for Academic Gain

A neuroscience approach to improving learning capacity

Helping Your Child put the Pieces Together

Unlocking the Child's Potential, why some bright, motivated children hit the wall when they go to school, and what you can do about it.

The Neuroscience of Reading and Learning

Remarkable breakthroughs in our knowledge about the learning brain, how to use this knowledge in practical applications.
Navigating the Learning Difficulties "Mind Field"
How parents of learning disabled students can find their way through the 'mind field' of experts, well intentioned amateurs and charlatans, in the search for effective help for their child.

Babbling Babies to Budding Book Lovers

The importance of early language development for later reading success. The connection between oral language and reading.

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