Reading Doctor - ReadingSounds 1 Pro

Fun, effective, scientifically based literacy improvement software for children learning how to read and spell.

Reading Doctor ReadingSounds 1 easily teaches children crucial literacy skills with fun, effective, scientifically based phonics software developed by a reading specialist.

Reading Doctor ReadingSounds 1 teaches children how to:

  • Say the sounds that letters make
  • Join sounds to read words
  • Break words up into sounds
  • Read the 200 most common sight words - and much more

Reading Doctor ReadingSounds 1 is being described by educators as a breakthrough in teaching children to read.  Using a powerful, self-adjusting system of multisensory learning support, the program teaches skills found through research to be crucial in developing reading writing ability.  




How does ReadingSounds 1 Pro work?

The past several decades of research have provided conclusive evidence that an understanding of the relationship between the sounds in language and the written representations of those sounds is the most crucial skill involved in literacy development.  Research has shown that good readers are very skilled at using letter-sound relationships to 'decode' unfamiliar words when reading, allowing self-teaching of new words to occur.  Difficulty in understanding that words are made up of sounds and just how sounds are represented by letters is a hallmark of the struggling reader.

Learning letter-sound relationships is difficult for beginning and struggling readers because there is no meaningful relationship between the way letters look and the way they sound.  Designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist and reading researcher who specialises in literacy improvement, Reading Doctor Software uses a revolutionary, multi-sensory, patented system for teaching and strenthening letter-sound relationships and other key literacy skills found through research to be crucial in the development of reading and spelling ability.

All of the engaging, arcade style activities in ReadingSounds 1 Pro are fully customisable.  Student activity is recorded by the program for easy record keeping and progress monitoring, and a comprehensive testing mode is available.  All materials taught in the program may be printed as 'flash cards' with the extensive flash card printing facility.

Minimum System Requirements Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) processor, Windows EP, Windows Vista, Direct X 6.0 or better, 64 Megabytes of RAM, 1024 Megabytes of Hard Disk Drive space, Internet Connection (required for licnese activation)

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