Meet our Team

Our experienced clinicians specialise in particular areas of Speech Pathology and all work under the Centre's core commitment of genuine individual care. We undertake regular external professional development as well as onsite training.

Many of our clinicians specialise in the assessment and management of children disagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Devon Barnes - Clinic Director


Devon Barnes established Lindfield Speech Pathology in 1990. She has over 40 years experience working with children and adults with speech, language, literacy and learning problems. Devon ensures that the Centre stays up to date with the latest treatment advances.

Jillian Cranney


Jillian Cranney specialises in assessing and treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental and language delays, social skills difficulties and articulation disorders. Jillian has completed training in Hanen:It takes Two to Talk; Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS);  Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy (ABA); Autism and the SCERTS Model; Relationship Development Intervention (RDI); and the Introduction to PROMPT training course.

Anne Khlentzos

BSpPath (UQ), PG Dip Ed St, MSPA, CPSP

Anne Khlentzos specialises in assessing and treating school-aged children with literacy, speech and language difficulties. She has undertaken additional training in The Spalding Method and has attended professional workshops including Talk for Writing, Sounds-Write phonics program, and Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars and LiPS programs. Anne’s special interest areas are in helping children with literacy difficulties, lisps and tongue thrust swallows.


Kathren Lemmetty

BAppSc - SpPath, CPSP

Kathren Lemmetty specialises in assessing and treating children with ASD, genetic disorders, speech delay, dyspraxia, stuttering, developmental delays, learning difficulties, and delayed literacy skills. She is trained in the Spalding Method , ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) and the Triple P Positive parenting program to assist in the management of behaviour.

Lauri Moriah

Lauri Moriah


Lauri Moriah specialises in treating children with speech, language and literacy difficulties. She has a special interest in working with primary school aged children. 

Lauri offers a unique and convenient online service, working with children and their family through tele-therapy (video calls). This service is especially useful for families short on time or when travel to the clinic may be difficult.

Candice Silver

BEd (Early Childhood), MSLP, MSPA, CPSP

Candice Silver specialises in assessing and treating pre-school and school aged children with speech, language, literacy, fluency and social skill difficulties. Candice has a special interest in helping toddlers and pre-school children with language delays, children with speech impairments, as well as children who stutter. Candice is trained in the Spalding Method and Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk®.

Allison Stevens


Allison Stevens (BAppSc, MSPA, CPSP) specialises in the treatment of school-aged children with literacy and learning difficulties, with an emphasis on upper high school students.

Kathleen Knight

BAppSc – SpPath, MSPA, CPSP

Kathleen (Kate) Knight specialises in assessing and treating pre-school and school-aged children with speech, literacy, language, social skills and fluency difficulties. She has a special interest in working with multicultural families, and children who have language delays and literacy difficulties. She has additional training in Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk®, Hanen: More Than Words®, PROMPT, PECS, Introduction to DIR-Floortime, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Key Word Sign.