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Meet the Team

Our experienced clinicians specialise in particular areas of Speech Pathology and all work under the Centre's core commitment of genuine individual care. We undertake regular external professional development as well as onsite training.

Many of our clinicians specialise in the assessment and management of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Devon Barnes 1

Devon Barnes - Clinic Director

Devon Barnes established Lindfield Speech Pathology in 1990. She has almost 50 years experience working with children and adults with speech, language, literacy and learning problems. 

Devon has worked in both the public and private sectors with adults and children as both a speech pathologist and an audiologist. She has worked in hospitals, schools and community health centres where her focus was managing children with learning and associated emotional difficulties.

Her work included special schools where she treated children with hearing impairment, developmental delays, and language and learning difficulties.

Devon ensures that the Centre stays up to date with the latest treatment advances.

Shanthi Anker2

Shanthi Anker


Shanthi enjoys working as a Speech Pathologist to assist individuals in forming meaningful connections and promote their engagement across social, educational and professional contexts. She is particularly interested in working with children and adults who have developmental and acquired neurological conditions. Shanthi has undertaken training in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and has over 2 years experience conducting ABA therapy with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Outside of work, Shanthi enjoys playing netball and going for walks with her 2 Pomeranians, Maya and Leo.

Jillian C

Jillian Cranney


Jillian has extensive experience in assessing and treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental and language delays, social skills difficulties and articulation disorders. Jillian has completed training in Hanen:It takes Two to Talk; Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS);  Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy (ABA); Autism and the SCERTS Model; Relationship Development Intervention (RDI); and the Introduction to PROMPT training course.

Meg De Souza LSP

Meg De Souza


Meg enjoys working with a variety of children of different ages with various communication difficulties. She has vast experience working with young children with limited verbal output, children with speech and language delays, and children with disorders or syndromes including VCFS, Fragile X and Autism. Meg strives to set functional, collaborative and evidence-based goals to tailor therapy, suiting the needs of the child and the family. She has a particular interest in working with language. She is trained in The Spalding Method, Sounds-Write, Lidcombe, ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), Shape Coding. When she isn't working, Meg enjoys bushwalks, anything involving her Cavoodle Benji, and expanding her skills as she has a passion for learning. 

Anne Khlentzos LSP-1

Anne Khlentzos

BSpPath (UQ), PG Dip Ed St, MSPA, CPSP

Anne has extensive experience assessing and treating school-aged children with literacy, speech and language difficulties. She has undertaken additional training in The Spalding Method and has attended professional workshops including Talk for Writing, Sounds-Write phonics program, and Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars and LiPS programs. Anne’s special interest areas are in helping children with literacy difficulties, lisps and tongue thrust swallows.

Kathleen headshot (3)-1

Kathleen Lawler


Language, literacy, stuttering and speech sound difficulties in preschool children to adults are areas of keen interest for Kath. She is passionate about supporting people to achieve their social, educational and employment potential through improved communication skills. She assesses and provides therapy in the areas of speech, language, literacy, fluency (stuttering) and social communication. She has a Masters of Speech and Language Pathology and has undertaken additional training in The Spalding Method (literacy) and the Lidcombe Program (stuttering). When not in the clinic, Kath enjoys reading, swimming and being with her three children and King Charles Cavalier, Leo, who many clients have met in telehealth sessions!

Kathren L talk time-1

Kathren Lemmetty

BAppSc - SpPath, CPSP

Kathren has extensive experience assessing and treating children with ASD, genetic disorders, speech delay, dyspraxia, stuttering, developmental delays, learning difficulties, and delayed literacy skills. She is trained in the Spalding Method , ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) and the Triple P Positive parenting program to assist in the management of behaviour.

Madeline Nendick bio photo

Madeline Nendick


Madeline enjoys assessing and treating clients who have difficulties with speech, language, literacy, stuttering, and social skills. She is particularly interested in working with school-aged children and adults. Madeline has completed training in Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk, Sounds~Write, & Talk for Writing. Madeline has a lifelong love of language, cultivated when living in Europe for five years. She speaks French and Flemish conversationally and has studied Latin and Ancient Greek. In her spare time, Madeline enjoys completing jigsaw puzzles, playing games, and reading.

Marina Robinson

Marina Robinson

MSLP (USYD) CPSP, MSPABMus (Hons), MMus, PhD (Music)

Marina is passionate about communication in all its forms and has a particular interest in adult and paediatric motor speech, language and literacy deficits. Prior to discovering a love for Speech Pathology Marina had a career as a concert violinist playing in venues around the world and lecturing at the Sydney Conservatorium. Marina has a Masters of Speech Pathology and a PhD in music. She is trained in Sounds-Write and Spalding literacy programs. In her spare time, Marina spends time with her family including ‘Angel’ their princess parrot and trying to master the Nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish folk instrument.


Lesley Slattery


Lesley has a keen interest in working with children and families to promote successful outcomes for children who experience difficulties with speech, language and literacy delay/disorder. Lesley is trained in resonance disorders, Sounds-Write, Talk for Writing, PROMPT (introductory level) and Lidcombe Program for stuttering. Lesley has clinical interest and extensive experience in literacy (dyslexia), phonological delay/disorder, stuttering and developmental language disorder. 

Lesley is also a qualified Social Worker and has a long history of working alongside families and children carrying out assessments, providing education and intervention. She is a mother of three children and has first-hand experience as a parent and as a speech pathologist of understanding and working with children who have literacy, language and articulation difficulties. 


A Stevens

Allison Stevens


Allison has extensive experience in the treatment of school-aged children with literacy and learning difficulties, with an emphasis on upper high school students.